Wednesday, November 26, 2008


From the desk of one Lisa Shiffren, c/o Teh Core:

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, who is smarter than your average feminist, (and has a Harvard law degree to prove it) has a column today which amounts to whining about the fact that Michelle Obama, who has a Harvard Law degree, has announced that she will be the nation's "mom in chief" above all other roles. Marcus frets that she is choosing to be "Jackie Kennedy" when her education and ambitions fit her to be Hillary Clinton.

Jen Rubin at Contentions finds this exaperating. Marcus's complaint, she notes, reminds us that feminism was never about choices. It was only ever about choosing power. ...

Reminder to all players: Every organization that continues to exist beyond a natural expiration changes its focus to seek power. Movements don't have a natural expiration.

Feminists wanted choices, won a bunch of them even. Now there's more free time for them to focus on what everyone wants before they die: abstract, amorphous, undefined and unlimited power.

Now someone tell me: if the average feminist has an implied lower intelligence than the rest of society, where does the average writer for The Corner fall?

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