Friday, April 3, 2009

New Mind Mapper software

A comprehensive Java tool for mind mapping. Looks too serious just to play with in a day. Maybe the next time I get an interesting project, I'll try it.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

50 year-old murder

Question: If David shoots Victor with intent to kill, and the attempt fails, and David is convicted of the failed attempt, and the malice evaporates, how do the following circumstances of the attempted murder still constitute proper murder without the mens rea at the time of incident?

You'd have to prove that the alleged murderer retained the mens rea over 50 years, wouldn't you? Is there case law that says mens rea is perpetual, and to erase it you must act opposite to the prior crime?

Seems pretty overkill to me.

What, she's made of crepe paper?

Michelle Obama embarrasses everyone in Britain, save Her Majesty.

Something makes me think that perhaps the Queen is a bit stronger of personality than most people think, while they busily protect her with "decorum." It would almost seem like she the Head of State for a powerful European nation, no?

... and they gave her an iPod (never you mind that she asked for it)!