Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cotton Balls

Sully says there's something deep in this story, but isn't seeing it.

I see it: This woman is now the most legally-immune domestic soldier for-hire in the world. Or maybe Germany.

Either way she's getting a call from Dick Cheney right now.


Drug War Casualties: +1

A guy has pot, his home is searched under a warrant. Not news.

Somewhere between start and finish, he's shot. Unfortunate (he's fine, recovering), but not really news anymore.

Commenters on the article say the Sherriff's dept. is in the right, because the boy is a druggie. Depressing, but not news.

What's news to me? That apparently cops are to be treated as dangerous animals when executing a warrant. If this is to be so, then lets write a law that all searched persons are to be given a kevlar vest before the search.

Or we could expect our cops to calmly and gently restrain all civilians during police operations. Just throwing a wild idea out there.

Monday, March 30, 2009

This too.

YYYN experiment 14 from Adam Pelling-Deeves on Vimeo.

Wait for the part with the numbers.

This is too brillant.

SlagsmÄlsklubben - Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

And for those that like the music, the title of the video is the title of the music piece.

Question: didn't torture save American lives?

Seriously, people, we knew this since early English jurisprudence. Back when they considered transmutation a worthy attempt at economic vitality.

Cause --> effect

Aid torture --> prosecuted for war crimes.

Any questions?


or "Overseas Contingency Operation"

Please, God, no.

A massive helicoper-and-floating-hotel. When the hell will people realize that it takes massive energy (for the proles: FUEL) to counteract gravity (prole: FLY) ??

I've seen worse colo closets.

But not by much.

Put Down the Phone

Yes, they (usually) make pretty cars. I'm a big fan myself. But, seriously, please stop consulting them for design decisions. They're not gifted or anything.

No really: stoppit.

Another Brilliant Whine


We're Not Crazy About All the Slapping

Script Notes From the VP of Programming Following the Inevitable Purchase of the Spice Network by GE/NBC Universal