Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Only a Flesh Wound?

Mr. Larison admonishes the buzzing crowd; says that Clinton isn't done. His argument is that the early smack-down lowers expectations of Clinton's campaign, giving her more room to work. If she can leverage that effort, maybe she can pull ahead and then the media congratulates her for becoming a stronger person for it.

Sorry, but I can't buy that specifically. Obama has to keep knocking Hillary around, and not because there are no TKOs in politics, but because the media needs its darling. Hillary is catty, and Obama is not, and if Obama fails to bring CNN it's daily boost of bored white-trash-in-cubicles ratings, CNN will move the cameras back to their old dealer.

I'm hoping that Obama's akido yesterday caused Hillary's momentum to become his. It seems that way in Blog-o-land, but I don't know about in the media. I would say: wait until SNL is on this week, and see the next sketch with Hill in it. Does it have Obama in it, too?

But, wait, what's that? There's a writers strike going on? And politicians are our only entertainment?

That would mean that the politicians are many times more responsible for sating the media's appetite. And many times more in control.

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