Friday, December 14, 2007

Game, Set, Match: Obama?

I think Obama stuck the knife in yesterday.

I say that only after reading one of Andrew Sullivan's readers (the first one). The reader points out something I didn't realize: Hillary was cackling. I initially heard it as "yeah, I was thinking that, too" laughter. But that was prejudicial on my part, because I thought it was a good question.

But she was cackling. And, unfortunately for her, the director probably dropped the microphone volume on the other four candidates (some of whom were laughing, too). So Hillary's voice, somewhat unfairly, was booming over the already-under-fire Obama.

And that's how I think Obama stuck the knife in. Because Hillary drew it out of her back pocket.

With that low-effort strike and excellent sound bite, Obama probably has this wrapped-up until Iowa.

I would like to say that I'm not necessarily pro-Obama, but I'm for anything that forces Hillary to actually tell me why I should vote for her. I'm sick of this shit where politicians try to attract me with at-least-I'm-not-him logic. They have to dance for me, first.

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